Symbol server plugin is case sensitive

I just installed the symbol server plugin, but I'm having trouble using it from PerfView. PerfView cannot find pdb files on the server, apparently because the pdb guid part of the GET request is sent as lower case. That makes teamcity return 404. Simply uppercasing the guid part of the url (as found in the PerfView log window) makes teamcity return the pdb.

In the log window the lines look something like this:

     FindSymbolFilePath: Searching Symbol Server http://teamcity/app/symbols.
     FindSymbolFilePath: Probe of http://teamcity/app/symbols/MyLibrary.pdb/15e6194111cd46cda7b7bdf755e0260e4/MyLibrary.pdb was not found.

That url gives a 404. After uppercasing the guid part gives the following url we get the pdb.

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Thank you for the feedback! I've created an issue in our tracker. Please feel free to watch / vote / comment it.


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