Multiple build agents on different servers with the same snapshot


I'm trying to get my whole project (web, mobile apps) built and tested.
For this I have 2 machines (Windows, Mac) with a build agent installed. TeamCity itself is on the Windows machine.

1. Configuration: Windows
- Build the web project

2. Configuration: Mac
- Build Android/iOS apps

3. Configuration: Windows
- Deploy
- Run tests

Those 3 configurations needs to run in one single chain because all builds are used in the testing.
How would I configure the builds so they use all the "same" directory?

Having VCS configured on the 1. configuration and just snapshot dependencies on the other configurations is not working.
The working directory on the mac stays empty.

Thanks for your ideas!

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Hello Curdin,

You can achieve that by using an additional build step in your Mac/Android build configuration to copy the files built by the web project in the first build. So, in reality your android/mac build configuration would first copy the artifacts from the previous agent(Agent 1) to the local agent(Agent 2) using xcopy over network share.
Once the build is complete you can add a similar step in your third build configuration to copy the built artifacts before you start testing.


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Hi Curdin,

The recommended way is to configure artifact dependencies. If both a snapshot dependency and an artifact dependency are configured for the same build configuration, in order for it to take artifacts from the build with the same sources, the Build from the same chain option must be selected in the artifact dependency. For more details please see:
Also if you need any files from VCS to be checked out you can attach VCS root to 2.-3. build confgiurations.


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