Teamcity with Docker/Mesos Virtual Agents?

Hi folks,

We've used TeamCity for years and want to continue, but we are also increasingly using Mesos and Docker and would love to have our Build Agents defined as docker images rather than mucking around with Puppet or (shudder) manually setting up agents. We've been using Mesos to manage a collection of Docker instances and it's really good (similar to the Amazon Container Service).

Now, TeamCity already supports virtual agents via VMware and EC2

There is a plugin for OpenStack Virtual Agents too

But are there plans to support Docker and/or Mesos?

For now we're going to manually set up some Teamcity build agents running as Docker containers in Mesos, but it would be great to automatically spin then up/down in the future.

Mainly we want to do this so we can spin up the configurations we need at a particular time, e.g. we have 10 build agent licenses but we have maybe 8 different build configurations and a separate Docker image for each one (rather than configuring a massive 'I can build everything' image). So we'd use Agent Requirements in TeamCity to specify which Docker image to spin up and then use to execute the build.

Anyone else have a similar use case?



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Hi Mark,

We have the related feature request: Please watch/vote/comment.
At the moment we do not have exact plans when this plugin will be released.


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