Unable to Change TeamCity Server Windows Service Logon Credentials


I have successfully installed TeamCity 9.0.4 on Window Server 2012. Now we need to change the logon credentials for the TeamCity server windows service. This new account has admin privileges. However, when I change the windows service logon credentials and restart the service, TeamCity server will not initialize properly, and I get the maintenance page. Moreover, the super user token from the last time the server started properly is no longer valid. Can I change the windows service logon credentials without re-installing TeamCity from scratch?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Bill,

You should be able to change TeamCity Server service log on credentials.
What do you see on maintenance page?
Each server restart generates a new token, so you should use the latest token printed in teamcity-server.log. For more details see: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD9/Super+User


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