Agent Can't Connect To TeamCity Server

Hey guys,

I'm having issues connecting to our TeamCity server.. We've been able to setup a few other boxes but mine is having issues..

I've looked through the logs and haven't been able to figure out the solution to my issue, so hopefully someone here can be of help..
When I try connecting, the logs say there is an issue with the XMLRPC request sent to the server.
One of the params (env.__BASH_FUNC) seems to be causing a conflict that results in the XMLRPC request not finishing it's generation.

I've attached relevant logs, thanks!

- Nobo

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Yes, it seems like the problem is with env.__BASH_FUNC parameter. What TeamCity version and server OS do you use?
We have the related issue, that was fixed in 9.0.3. Please check if this is the case.

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Oh wow, it looks like we're on 9.0.2. I'm running in OSX Yosemite.
I'll get our server updated and let you know how it goes.


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Updating worked, thanks again!


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