dotCover -Scope parameter support in TeamCity

We have a use case where we are trying to add unit tests to a legacy .NET project that was not originally built with unit tests.
We are gradually adding unit tests, but we cannot get accurate code coverage numbers, because our unit tests do not yet "touch" all of the projects in our solution.
Although our code coverage says "4%" we are only loading a fraction of the 100+ projects that make up the entire solution, so our real coverage number is probably closer to "0.4%"

My understanding is that the "-Scope" parameter was added to dotCover in version 3.0 to handle exactly this sort of situation.
Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any way of specifying the "-Scope" parameter when invoking the built-in dotCover from a TeamCity build configuration.

Does anyone know of a solution?
thanks in advance!
--Craeg Strong

UPDATE, 5/4/2015:
I believe I found that there is already a feature request for this:

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