Is there a supported XML test output format with nestable testsuites?

One of our teams has written an in-house test system, and one of the features is that a test script can call other test scripts, making them nestable.  We're now trying to give it the ability to output data that can be imported into Teamcity as test results, but in implementing/hacking the JUnit XML format the nesting has thrown us.  So I am wondering, do any of the supported test-results formats support something like this:

<!ELEMENT testsuites (testsuite*)>

<!ELEMENT testsuite (properties, testsuite*, testcase*, failure?, error?, system-out?, system-err?)>

(Base dtd info taken from this post).  Specific element names, etc. don't matter to me, so long as it supports nesting an equivalent of testsuite.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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Hi Mark,

You can use NUnit report type, it supports nested testsuites. For example you can test it on this example.


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