Unarchiving a Build configuration from an archived Project

I'm having some trouble getting a build configuration to get the latest code changes after unarchiving it.  I'm using TeamCity build 8.1.3 (build 30101).  I've moved 2 build configurations from an archived project to an active project and activated it.  It's using the same Perforce VCS root. After activating it, I expected to see some pending changes appear.  When I didn't see that, I manually kicked off one build to see if it would build with the latest changes.  Since it did get the latest code changes, I kicked off the second build. The second build didn't not get the latest changes.  So, there are 2 things I'm seeing with these builds.  Is there something else I need to activate in each build configuration to get the build to work as it did before it was archived?

1.  Build configuration is not checking the source control system for changes (Perforce).
2.  Both build configurations are using the same VCS root. Once build gets the latest code changes, the other one does not.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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BTW, I did finally get the 2nd build to get the latest code changes.  I ended up checking in a code change and both configurations showed the pending checkin.  Both build configurations never recognized the previous code checkins.  With the last code checkin, I was able to finally get the second build to get all of the latest source file.

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Hi Cheryl,

I tried to reproduce the issue, but I could not. The pending changes should appear at the moment when a build configuration is moved to active project. Have you faced with this issue once? Are you able to reproduce it?

BTW, we would recommend to upgrade to the latest TeamCity version (9.0.4 as of now) to get access to all the recent bug fixes and lots of new features. If the issue is reproduced after upgrade, then please create an issue in our tracker.

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