Upgrading from TC 7.1 to 9.0

I'm looking for some advice regarding TC upgrades. We've fallen behind and now need to make a leap across two major versions from 7.1.4 to the latest. Is this something TC is designed to handle without hiccups in a single upgrade or should we go to an 8.x version first and then to 9?

Of course we'd do as much backing up as needed to roll back if things go pear shaped, but I wanted to see if anyone's done multi version upgrades before and what their experience has been.

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Hi Anuradha,

TeamCity supports upgrades from any of the previous versions to the current one. So you can upgrade directly from 7.1.4 to 9.0.4 version. The users perform such kind of upgrade with no issues.
It is recommended to try upgrade on test server before upgrading production server. Also please carefully review Upgrade Notes before upgrade.
You can find the detailed upgrade instructions in this section.


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