Some users cannot use optimized web UI updates via WebSocket protocol

In my server health report, I'm getting the following message:

Some users cannot use optimized web UI updates via WebSocket protocol.
The following addresses were used by the affected sessions:

Most probably there is not appropriately configured proxy server between the client browsers and the TeamCity server.                         

My TC server is behind an IIS7 reverse proxy using Application Request Routing/URL-Rewrite and has been working in that configuration for a good while, however a recent TC upgrade seems to have introduced the use of web sockets and this issue. I have no idea what I'm supposed to change! Can anyone provide any insight as to what I need to change in my IIS settings to allow web sockets to work? What is an 'appropriate configuration'?

Tim Long

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Hi Tim,

Since TeamCity 9.0, the WebSocket protocol is used to get web UI updated for events, running builds updates and statistics counters. Please see:
In this case TeamCity switches to usual HTTP request polling. So you can continue using TeamCity in this mode, hiding the corresponding Server Health report.
IIS 7 does not support WebSockets, please consider IIS upgrade to at least 8.0 version.


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