I was wondering when is the next release dates, and if there is any idea of the new functionality to become available?

Specially I would like to know if support for better administration of Continuos Delivery pipelines is on the map...

Robert Moore explains one of the big pains:

"The downside of using snapshot dependencies though is that when you trigger a particular build configuration it will automatically trigger every preceding configuration in the chain as well. That means that if you run, say, the UAT deployment and a new source code push was just made then that will get included in the UAT deployment even if you weren’t ready to test it."

This has been written in 2012, and still havent found a solution....

There is the PROMOTE button, but its very hidden, and the RUN button is the one which is dangerous and there is no way to disable it neither...




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Hi Esteban,

Have you tried to use Build Chains tab on the project/build configuration level? Is not it better than Promote button?
Could you please describe your use case? If you do not want to trigger the upstream build, do you need snapshot dependencies to be configured? Is not artifact dependency enough in this case?

Unfortunately at the moment we do not have exact plans when the pipelines will be implemented.

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I agree with Esteban, I raised a similar issue in where I list reasons why snapshot dependencies are needed for this approach.

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I did read about this enhancement in the EAP and looks like a step in the right direction in improving some of the shortcomings of using TeamCity as a CD tool, however the issue discussed here is about manual rather than automatic build triggering.

In my experience I find that build configurations used for deployments are more likely to be triggered manually compared to normal build tasks, and the impact of getting it wrong is more significant as it could lead to one or more environments inadvertently being redeployed while users are actively using them.
Improving the UI for running deployments is therefore key to make TeamCity a better tool for CD.

As suggested, this could be achieved in many ways, a couple of suggestions:

  1. make the Promote action more visible and easier to use
  2. include the action "promote last succesfull" in the drop down list for dependent builds on the Dependency tab in the Run Custom Build dialog, and add the ability to make it the default option instead of "auto" for certain build configurations (deployments), so no need for convoluted and ineffective prompts

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