Bug? Spurious warning about identical Subversion VCS Roots, but hard to determine

I am using Subversion for my VCS and I have parameterized the VCS Root URL in a BC template.

When I create a BC based on the template, I create a new VCS root, and I enter the parameter value for the URL field.

TC always warns me that I already have a VCS Root that is identical to the VCS Root that I am creating, but in fact the two VCS Roots are not identical, as the parameter values used for the URL are different (each BC has a different URL).

Unfortunately, the only way to actually verify that the two VCS Roots are different is to look at the build log for the BC. There you can see the actual expanded URL used to fetch source files.

I believe that this is a bug, a missing feature, and some unclarity in the documentation.

  • Bug: When comparing two Subversion VCS Roots, TC compares the raw values in the URL fields of the two VCS Roots. It should not do this. It should evaluate the actual value of the URL field based on the parameter value that was supplied when the VCS Root was created.
  • Feature: When you click Test Connection in a Subversion VCS Root, it would be really helpful if the URL used to test the connection was displayed, both in cases where the verification failed and where the verification succeeded.

  • Documentation: It should be made clearer that when you create a Subversion VCS Root, any parameter expansion is performed when you first create the VCS Root. If you subsequently change a parameter value, the root is not changed.


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Hello, Ed.
The behavior you observe is a current design. TeamCity does not parse the URL strings when a new VCS root is created. It just searches for raw values as you have noticed,
There are sometimes TeamCity installations with thousands of unique VCS roots. It TeamCity parses them all on the new one creation it can slow down the whole system.
As for message that is displayed when you click Test Connection it contains the reply from the VCS you are trying to check.
In Subversion case the URL is returned only in case of incorrect connection. Please, create a feature request in our bug tracker at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/TW.
Concerning changes in documentation, I am not sure I caught the idea. Please could you clarify what you mean under "parameter expansion"?


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