Manual build not building the correct branch

Hi All.  I'm on TeamCity 9.0.2 that's building from Github and am running into an issue with a build.  If a developer checks something into the master branch it builds as the correct version, but if I manually run a build on the master branch then it comes back as the wrong version with the wrong artifacts.  The version number is being determined via GitVersion and the default branch is master.  I'm at a loss as to why it performs properly during a check-in, but not from a manual build.  I have other builds for other projects that are set up in the same way and they function as expected and work fine.  

I've looked over the release notes for 9.0.3 and 9.0.4 and didn't see anything that would identify my problem as a bug that was fixed in either of those.  Any thoughts on where I should check?

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Hey Matt,

Do you manual build using "Run" or "Run..." button?  If "Run..." then please attach screenshot of this dialog.
Also please attach screenshots (for example Changes tab) that indicate the problem, teamcity-vcs.log and teamcity-server.log files.


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