How to specify Perforce global options for the p4 sync command ?

Good day. I would like to be able to specify a global option to the p4 sync, as detailed here :

I would like to be able to specify the retry option with -r6. We connect thru a perforce proxy, and the remote link seems to be unstable at times.

Here is a typical sync error that I see :

TCP receive exceeded maximum configured duration of 300 seconds.
1 error reported
Date 2015/05/07 12:07:44:
Operation: flush2
TCP receive failed.
read: socket: Connection reset by peer

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Hi James,

No, global options are not supported in TeamCity at the moment. Please create feature request in our tracker.
As current workaround you can specify "Path to P4 executable" to shell scrip, which initializes needed global options. In case of agent-side checkout you can set path to this script using TEAMCITY_P4_PATH environment variable in the file.


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