Manual custom execution

We have the following chained build configurations in a TeamCity project:

1. Build (automatic, triggered by check-ins)

2. Run tests (automatic, triggered by step 1)
3. Deploy to Acceptance (automatic, triggered by step 1)
4. Deploy to Staging (manual)”)

With this configuration, how can we automate the following task: “Choose ‘changeset xxx’ from the changeset history and use it in the following steps: 1. Build > 2. Run tests > 4. Deploy to Staging”, so it's ideally a one-click process?

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Do I correctly understand that you already have build on changeset xxx in Build build configurations and the corresponding build in Run test build configuration? So you need to run Deploy to Staging build configuration to deploy needed version of artifacts. If yes, then you can use Promote action.
For more details please see the related blog post.

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Alina, thank you, this is the correct solution!
I managed to solve this by adding "1. Build" and "2. Run tests" in the Build Configuration Settings > Dependencies of "4. Deploy to staging".
Now, let's say that the latest version of my app is v0.0.002, but I want to deploy a previously build version v0.0.001 to Staging. To do that, I'll go to "1. Build" > Build History > v.0.0.001 > Actions > Promote and choose to promote it to "4. Staging"


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