REST interface - DELETE user

We're using TeamCity 8.0.6 and according to the 8.x documentation, you can use the DELETE REST api to delete user:

Update/remove specific user: PUT/DELETE http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/users/<userLocator>

But I tried the DELETE request and I get an error:

Not supported request. Please check URL, HTTP method and transfered data are correct. metadata: [Allow:[GET,OPTIONS,HEAD,PUT],]

I tried the same REST api with 9.0.4 and it works there.  Seems that there's a bug in the documentation or TeamCity 8.0.6 that the DELETE request does not work.

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Hi Bill,

Yes, you are right, the feature was implemented in TeamCity 8.1. I've fixed the documentation. Thank you for pointed out.


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