is there a supported way to remove roles assigned directly to users

I am trying to use a group to assign roles to users instead of assigning the role directly.

I do not see an obvious way to remove the directly assigned role "System Administrator" to the users whom I have moved to the group.

Is it OK to remove the corresponding rows in the database in "user_roles" ? or is there a menu option in the GUI ?

I am using TeamCity 9.0.4

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forget my question, I saw that there is an unassign button on the roles tab of the users. For some reason I did not notice it immediately
, maybe one does not look for buttons on the top right of the screen, rather on the bottom right.

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Hi Antoine,

Yes, please use UI to assign/unassign roles. We do not recommend to make any changes in database directly.
We will review the UI and try to make it clearer.


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