How to specify tags in checkout rules for GIT

I have a project that has two VCS roots. One is the software to build and another is supporting test suite that is in a different GIT repository. I configured team city to build when it detects changes from the first VCS root, which works great. Im using checkout on server side and have the "Enable to use tags in the branch specification" checked.Problem is the second root. I want that this VCS root to stay at a particular tag that I would modify in the checkout rules so I can allow the project leader to change it when he feels its the correct time.I tried the following in the checkout rules:  +:refs/tags/X65-v2015-05-15=>x65-testsThis does not copy the directory to the agent. In the work area, I only see the first VCS root.The only thing that seems to work is:    +:.=>x65-testsWith this , I get both VCS roots, but not the tag i was after.Frank
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Hi Frank,

If you enable "Use tags as branches" you can specify tags the same way as branches in VCS settings "Branch specification" field (not as checkout rules):


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