TeamCity memory usage and out of memory error

Hi everybody,

I have 2 questions about teamcity memory usage.

Firstly, what is 'normal' memory usage of teamcity server? Here is our configuration:

  • teamcity 7.1.4
  • linux box with 2Gb of memory
  • about 60 configurations
  • 2 agents (running on separate machines)
  • 64 registered users, usually about 10 users online simultaneously
  • version control is mercurial (separate machine)
  • java max heap size increased to 2Gb

Usually teamcity uses about 1.2Gb, it it ok?

Second question is that build of one of the projects sometimes, randomly (but frequently), build fails with following error:

[15:50:35]Checking for changes
[15:50:58]Failed to start build
[15:50:58]Failed to collect changes, error: Error collecting changes for VCS repository 'xxx'
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
[15:50:58]Build finished

Taking into account size of the repo (~180Mb) and available memory it looks like this should not happen. Any ideas?

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TeamCity 7.1.4 is outdated version which is not currently supported. Please upgrade to the latest TeamCity version (9.0.4 as of now) and check if the issue is still actual.


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