Manually incrementing the %build.counter% DURING a build

This counter gets incremented at the start of every build. I would also like to increment it as a step in the
middle of the build. The result is that every time a build occurs, this counter ends up +2 from where it was before. I know that the build.number can be overrridden during the build process, but I ca
nnot find a way to override the build.counter. Can someone help me with this? Thanks!

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Hi Jason,
You can change build.counter via REST API request (expand example at the end of section).
BTW, could you please describe why do you need to increase counter by two?

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Thanks for the reply,

The incrementing was due to a single build doing both a Debug and Release version, both of which are producing NuGet packages, and wanting to have a unique version number for Debug vs Build. The solution I ended up taking was to split this into three projects -- one for CI, one for the Debug packaging, and one for the Release packaging. The two packaging projects now share a single build counter using the optional autoincrement counter plugin, and the build number for the CI build no longer matters.


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