Best way to setup my dependencies


We have a long running process that we like to set off overnight (via a schedule trigger).  It builds a number of components that I split in TeamCity into separate build configurations each of which point at separate VCS roots.  I have read the help documentation on dependencies and have set the dependencies up as follows (using snapshot dependencies) :

Part1 <- Part2 <- Part3

The intention of this is that whenever a Part3 build is requested all dependencies will be resolved and built from the same source/timestamp.

A schedule trigger has been setup to trigger Part3 (triggered overnight).  In the case where changes have been made to all 3 parts this will work as I intend and will build Part1 followed by Part2 followed by Part3.

However if we make a change to only Part1 then the schedule trigger for Part3 does not start any builds (presumably because we have no pending changes on this VCS root).

Is this the expected functionality?  Is there a better way for me to configure the dependencies/triggering here?

Thanks in advance.


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I think I've found my answer...  I have set the "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" option on the VCS root.  About to test this, the help seems to suggest it will work


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