TeamCity server died. I'm trying to rebuild from a old DB backup

I'm new to this. So first think I want to know is what I have lost? I read somewhere that if teamcity data directory is gone, then we've lost everything? If that's true, then what does it store in local DB?
I just installed teamcity and configured file to connect to local DB but once i login to teamcity, it does not show any old projects?
Should I be configuring anything else other than
I'm running teamcity 6.1

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Hi Joice,

Sorry for delay. The default internal TeamCity database is also stored in data directory. We strongly recommend using an external database as a back-end TeamCity database in a production environment.
If you use internal database and lost data directory, so the only way to restore any data is to use backup.
BTW: TeamCity 6.1 is outdated version, we would recommend to upgrade to the latest TeamCity version (9.0.4 as of now) to get access to all the recent bug fixes and lots of new features.


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