Why is the TeamCity Maven output causing log4j.properties to be ignored?

This issue is really causing my head to spin.  I had been using Jenkins to do our maven build for a java project.  I'm using FitNesse as the acceptance test framework.  When I point FitNesse to the classes generated by Jenkins everything works as expected.  However, if I do a maven build with TeamCity and point FitNesse to those classes it appears that the log4j.properties isn't being used.  This is a problem because the logging within FitNesse is showing debug messages for all third party jars which spits out way too many lines to stdout.  The frustrating part is that I compared the output from Jenkins to that of TeamCity and they appear to be identical.

I really don't know why this is happening, it makes no logical sense.  All I do know is that I eliminated as many variables as I could and the only thing that appears different is TeamCity generated build output versus Jenkins build output.  This is why I came here in some hope that this makes sense to someone.


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Hi Jeremy,

How do you run FitNesse? What is the result if you run the same build via command line on the working directory on agent under the same use (not using TeamCity)?


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