9.1 EAP and ASP.net 5 xunit issues

So I'm trying to setup my CI to run unit tests associated to an API application. For the unit tests I'm running the dnx . test  command for validating unit tests. It works if the code supports both dnxcor50 and dnx451 however if the code doesn't support dnxcor50 it will still attempt to run the tests as dnxcor50. If I go to the build agent directory and run the command manually it will run it with dnx451 as expected. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

I also tried using xunit test runner but those don't work with the new asp.net 5 way of resolving nuget packages. The xunit dlls aren't pulled to the bin folder anymore they are in a shared vm for a workspace. I think the command line is the best way to go.

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