LDAP automaitc group synchronization


Currenty I'm setting up the LDAP group synchronization. I've created groups (User Management -> Groups -> Create new group) and added these groups to the ldap-mapping.xml. In ldap-config.properties I've defined following properties:

  • teamcity.options.users.synchronize=true
  • teamcity.users.filter=(objectClass=user)
  • teamcity.options.groups.synchronize=true
  • teamcity.groups.base=OU=Clients,OU=company
  • teamcity.groups.filter=(objectClass=group)
  • teamcity.options.createUsers=true
  • teamcity.options.deleteUsers=true

Everything works fine, the users were added to the groups. But as we have a couple of dozens groups in AD I'm looking for an easier way to do it.
Is it somehow possible to create groups automatically, I mean everthing would be based on AD groups and configuration as that the ldap-mapping xml is no longer needed?


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Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately automatic group synchronization is not currently supported in TeamCity. Please watch/vote for the related feature request: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-21095.


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