website deployment

I just like to know if it is possible to deploy a project from github to godaddy or bluhost shared account using ftp or ssh access with the help of team city if yes please guide me to achive it.
I would like to automate the deployment process for our PHP and dot net projects.


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Hi Mahendra,

You can use Deployer plugin, which enables TeamCity to upload artifacts to external locations via FTP or SSH.

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Hi Alina

I am new to the CI thing and TeamCity.
How do I get the artefact to select for deploying.
We still have a SVN and have builds with phpunit and grunt.

Are there tutorials especially for website deployment?


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will you please suggest me any article which can help me in setting up php xacrt project with team city and deploy it to production server with ftp.


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Hi Thomas,

>How do I get the artefact to select for deploying.
After successful installation of Deployer plugin you will be able to specify artifacts that you want to deploy via new Build Runners which will be available in the Build Step selector of a build configuration.

Most of deployers use TeamCity artifact paths to define which files will be deployed.

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Thomas, Mahendra,

You can find some notes regarding deployment from TeamCity here:

Unfortunately we do not have more detailed instructions for this case. TeamCity can start any build script, it does not matter whether it deploys something, or performs other tasks. So, once you find a way to perform this operation from command line, you'll be able to run it from TeamCity too.
Also the related link:

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We have tried to setup the deployment using team city with  Deployer plugin but we do not have much idea/knowledge on how to use artifacts with simple PHP project (like wordpress or xcart) .We have tried to setup it with FTP publish, but unable to do it So plz help us in it.

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How do you perform deployment without TeamCity? The steps to test and set up deployment are:
- (not TeamCity-dependent) write a build script that will perform the deployment and debug it via running from usual console,
- (not TeamCity-dependent) make sure it runs OK on the machine running TeamCity agent,
- (TeamCIty-related) configure build configuration in TeamCity to execute the before mentioned procedure from within TeamCity.

It seems that the first two are specific to your environment and you would need to perform them no matter what CI server/solution you use. Are you able to perform two first steps?
If you have issues with the latter step - you are welcome to describe the issue in detail so that we can come up with a suggestion as to the right TeamCity setup.


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