Is it possible to loop through dependencies properties?


I have a build that has plenty dependencies. Each one of the dependencies has the same property called vcs_revision_number. I would like to find a way to loop through all build dependencies and find max value. Something like this.

$vcs_revisions = %dep.*.vcs_revision_number%

$max_vcs_revision = ($vcs_revisions | measure -Maximum).Maximum;

Is this possible?


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Hi Jose,

There is no easy way to access these parameters. Probably you can get then using REST API.
Could you please provide more details? Why do you need to find maximum vcs_revision_number?

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I have not been able to find any rest endpoint that can provide this information.  Iterating over the deps would be very useful.  I would like to see some way of accomplishing this...sounds like a feature request for TC.


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