Multiple VCS roots with differing checking intervals


I have a build with two VCS roots attached that have different checking intervals set, and I'm finding that the longer of the two intervals seems to apply when queuing the build, whichever underlying repo is changed - is this as expected ?

For example:
   build B uses files from repositories R1 and R2 accessed via VCS roots V1 and V2 ;
   V1 has its checking interval set to the default (60 seconds)
   V2 has its checking interval set to 3600 seconds
   a change is made in repo R1
   within a minute build B is flagged as having a pending change
   but, build B is not actually added to the build queue for another ~3600 seconds


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Yes, this is "by design". TeamCity cannot check for changes more frequently than specified checking for changes interval. The maximum checking for changes interval among the build configuration VCS roots should pass, because TeamCity must ensure that changes were collected at least once for every VCS root.
If you think that it's a usability issue, please feel free to create a request in our tracker:

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Thanks, as you say the current behaviour makes sense.

Maybe worth a note in the documentation where it describes setting this value.

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Thank you for you feedback! We added a note to the documentation.


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