legacy teamcity vsaddin refuses due to unsupported subversion version


 I just don't get it - i can not do a check in with the legacy teamcity addin

it says "subversion client version 1.9 not supported"

I have checked the confluence page and as far as I can deduce it should be supported

I have vs2015 as well with resharper ultimate and there the teamcity checkin works, no problem whatsoever




subversion 1.9.4

visual svn 5.1.2

resharper 8.1

teamcity addin 9.1

visual studio 2008




Subversion 1.9 is supported by VS addin since TeamCity 9.1.5 https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-42300. If you use earlier version, please upgrade.


we have upgraded everything to the latest version - it won´'t work 


Could you please collect logs as described in the section and attach them?


Hi Östen,

Sorry, I somehow missed that you use Legacy version. Subversion 1.9 is only supported in TeamCity Addin which is a part of R# Ultimate 10.0.2 version. It is the only version which is supported at the moment and will be supported in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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