How to enable NuGet feed v2


according to this issue, the internal NuGet server in TeamCity should support NuGet API v2 feed since the final release of TeamCity 9.0.0. But when I enable the NuGet server in our 9.0.3 installation, it only shows a v1 URL under authorized feed (we have guest account disabled). I tried to create file under (TC data directory)\config containing

teamcity.nuget.api.version = v2

as detailed in the bug report. Despite this, the NuGet feed URL still lists as https://ourteamcityserver/httpAuth/app/nuget/v1/FeedService.svc/.
Can someone explain what is going on?

Best Regards


Hi Søren,

The link contains "v1" in both cases: v1 and v2. The reason is backward compatibility.
So if you set teamcity.nuget.api.version = v2 then NuGet will use api version v2.


Oh, okay. I expected the URL to change as well. Thanks! :-)


Hi Alina , Soren

Can you please let me know where do i need to enter the below line in order to use v2 ?

teamcity.nuget.api.version = v2

Is there any specific file under teamcity data directory ?


you can enter this property into file.

For more details on this file please read our documentation:

But v2 is supported only since TeamCity 9.0


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