Running a TeamCity build configuration without connection to the server


I know, this question might seem odd, but I guess we all have these situations:

  • CI-Builds on local agents or Deployments to local integration systems
  • Builds on developer machines
  • Builds on remote machines (in other networks, where we don't have a direct connection to the TC-server)

The first situation is perfectly handled by TC. Is it possible to use TC in the other situations as well? Can I use a build configuration in TC and "export" it to the developer desktop or a remote system and run it there without any connection to the server?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Dennis,

No, it is not possible to export build configurations to another server and run it without server.
Why don't developers want to run their project on the main TeamCity server? You can use remote-run feature to run personal builds directly from IDE. Also build agent can be installed on developer's machine.
Another approach is to install one more TeamCity server on developer's machine or on remote machine and import needed projects to it.

Since TeamCity 9.1 unidirectional Agent-Server connection is implemented. Probably it can help in some cases.
Please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker. Please describe how you expect it should work and your use case.

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Hi Alina!

Yes, it would be possible to install an agent on the developer's machine. The only downside for us would be the high costs. ;-)

However, when working for a customer, we sometimes only have a client VPN and cannot contact our server from the customer's side. For that situations we would recreate a deployment script, although we already have a deployment build configuration in TeamCity, so we have to manage both. I was just wondering, wether we could adhere to the DRY-principle for our CI-setup.

I created a feature request for that.


Kind regards



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