Suitable build configuration with non-manual VCS checkout... not found


I try to do a remote run from Idea on Teamcity server. My main trunk works fine, but when I run it from the branch, I get the following error :

"Suitable build configuration with non-manual VCS checkout mode in which you have permissions to start the builds were not found for the specified changes."

I don't really understand the meaning of this message. I am TeamCity administrator thus I have no rights issue. I have no manual VCS checkout mode.

I also have a set of projects configured in TeamCity to run continuous integration on that very branch, with SVN as trigger, running all fine.

Couldn't find anything on google.

Can anyone help me out ?

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Hi Michel,
Have You alredy solve this issue?
I have same problem. I am using WebStorm IDE and TFS, but TeamCity plugin does not perform Remote Run.

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Someone who faced with the same issue please see the thread:


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