Maven logging in TeamCity

I would like to change the <maven>/conf/logging/ I'm sure I can hack my way into e.g. <agent>/tools/maven3_2/conf/logging/, but I'm wondering if there's a way to deal with this through TeamCity, so that it just applies this to all agents all the time. Overriding m2.conf (which TeamCity already does: teamcity.m2.conf) might be a solution for that also. Much appreciated, thank you.

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Hi Sander,

The recomended approach is to use command line properies or system variables, for details see the comments on stackoverflow.
Another solution is to take maven3_2-tool folder from <TeamCity Installation Directory>/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/plugins/, modify file in agent/ and put maven3_2-tool into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins. In this case the new version of plugin will be distributed over all agents. However it is not recommended, because after upgrade the plugin will be replaced with a newer installed version.


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