TeamCity and Jira issue tracker integration - REST or SOAP

I can't seem to find any information on this on the TeamCity or JIRA sites, so hopefully someone here knows the answer.

Does the TeamCity Issue Tracker integration for JIRA use the SOAP/XML-RPC or the REST API?

I've been getting notifications from JIRA that their SOAP API support in the Cloud service is going to be turned off on the 20th of July 2015.
Something from inside our network is using the SOAP API and I have a horrible suspicion it might be TeamCity, particularly because it seems like a few years ago the RPC API was required to get the integration to work.

Can anyone confirm this is the case for me?
And if so is there a workaround to maintain our issue tracker access, or when might there be a patch for TeamCity for this, because I haven't come across a ticket for it?


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Since TeamCity 8.1 REST API for Jira was implemented, please see the related ticket:

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Thank you very much for confirming that for me.


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