SonarQube not capturing Jacoco data

I have a team which, with my encouragement, is starting to implement Jacoco coverage and SonarQube analysis.  Unfortunately, the SonarQube build runner does not seem to notice that the build step ran Jacoco, and so the and sonar.jacoco.reportPath system parameters aren't being set in the Sonar step even though the coverage data is included in the Overview tab for the build once it completes.  Is there anything particular that the Sonar runner is looking for to trigger the Jacoco integration?  (Build system is Ant if that matters.)

Note that I do have other builds that are successfully integrating the Jacoco data to Sonar, although most (not all) of those are building with Maven.

EDIT: Observed under both Teamcity 9.0.4 and 9.1.

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