How to create installation using Installshield 2012 via TeamCity

Hi Everyone,

I just started learning TeamCity and I am having difficulty trying to determine how to create an installation using Installshield 2012 (not Limited Edition) once the *.exe has been created. As background, I create the build by connecting to TFS. From what I understand, I could use IsCmdBld.exe via a Command Line to create the installation and I have also read others using MSBuild, but I not quite sure what is the best approach or the easiest. At this point, I would settle for any method so that I could at least demonstrate that it can be done.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hi David,

It is not TeamCity specific question. TeamCity supports both Command Line build steps and MSBuild runner. So it's more Installshield related question what tool to choose. I would suggest you to ask this question on or alike sites.

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Hi Alina,

Thank you for your reply, but I am simply trying to automate the build process by using the MSBuild runner or the command line within TeamCity to interface with InstallShield. I do not see how this is not a TeamCity question. As an example, if I wanted to know how to interface with TFS via TeamCity then I would have to contact Microsoft? Alternatively, InstallShield is supposed to provide help on how to use a build runner in TeamCity?

I have done an exhaustive search on the internet trying to find some general examples of how this is done using TeamCity. I would prefer to use the MSBuild runner but I do not see how this is done. I am just trying to become more familiar with TeamCity.

Thank you.


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