Integrate youtrack in teamcity

Hi everybody,

i'm trying to integrate Youtrack 6 in TeamCity 9.1 but it's not working.

I always get an 'unauthorized' message on both plattforms.
Here are the detailed steps i did:

In Youtrack:
In Adminmenu click on 'Teamcity Integration'
I entered the URL and used AS credentials the username and password of the Administrator user of teamcity.
I clicked on 'test connection' -> worked

After that i wanted to define the mapping between the projects. As soon as i click on the dropdown to select the teamcity projects i get the message 'unauthorized'.

In Teamcity:
In the project settings i add Youtrack as a issutracker, enter all data, use the credentials of an adminuser in Youtrack.
When i click on test connection i enter an issueId and i get also an 'unauthorized' message.

The fun thing is, that when i enable the guestlogin in Youtrack it works for Teamcity.
But this is no Option for me.

It looks to me that the usernames and passwords i enter are ignored...

Maybe some words about the hosting environment:
both applications are hosted inside IIS on the same Maschine. Except the Rest API calls everything is working fine. Could there be some additional configuration needed for the authentication part so that the proxy passes it through?

Thanks for your help!

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I solved it.

In my case the problem was because there was special character in the password...
There was a 'ü' in my Password and after removing it everything worked fine.



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