Preventing build on changes in a VCS


I have a build template which has a VCS trigger set up; each configuration that uses the template always has one particular VCS root and another one unique to that subproject. I would like the build to trigger (by polling) only when changes are detected in the unique project, not the "shared" VCS. I have tried adding trigger rules to the template with the following syntax, to try and prevent builds on that VCS, but it continues to trigger:


where vcs_name is the "VCS root id" as specified in the VCS Root. The documentation is slightly confusing ( because the example it provides is :

-:user=techwriter;root=Internal SVN:/misc/doc/*.xml

and as far as I can tell, the id is not allowed to include space characters, unless the vcs_name is supposed to be the name and not the id, the documentation says it should be the id:

"VCS_root_id - if specified, limits the rule only to the changes from the corresponding VCS root."

Has anyone got this working with templates + multiple vcs roots?


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Hi David,

The VCS root id should specified as root in trigger rules. I've fixed the examples in the documentation. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Also you can use "+ Add new rule" button to create trigger rules. It will provide you with the list of available VCS roots and configure appropriate rules automatically.

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Thanks. In the template (which is set at the root project), when I choose "add new rule" under trigger rules, the only entry in the "VCS root" dropdown is "<any vcs root>", even though I have several VCS roots at the root project level. Is this expected?

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The VCS root should be attached to the build configuration/template. So this build configuration/template monitors changes in the VCS root and therefore VCS root can be used in trigger rules.

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Great, attaching to the template made it appear in the dropdown and it is no longer building upon a change in that repository once I did this and ensured the vcs rootid was used in the trigger rules.



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