Possible to trigger a build based on TeamCity tags?


One of our build configurations for our main product allows us to select a specific build template, and then the build is tagged in TC with that template name. Additionally, I have sets of Coded UI tests I'd like to run automatically when a build with a specific tag is completed successfully. Is it possible to set up a Finish Build Trigger to only run if a specific TeamCity tag is present on that build?



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Hi Drew,

No, it is not possible to trigger builds depending on TeamCity tags. Instead of using tags you can promote running build by clicking Actions > Promote... Will it work for you?

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I'm curious about your answer.  I have a similar situation and want to know if you can promote in an automated fashion?  If someone tags a build (or wants to promote it) is there a way to promote without forcing the next build config to run, but instead queuing that build config for later execution.  Kind of a strange request I know.



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