git private Submodule checkout fails

currently trailing TeamCity to see if works for our workflow, stuggling to get it to checkout git projects with private git submodules (projects themselves are private and accessed with username/password and use same credentails for submodules), all source is stored on bitbucket and accessed over HTTPS. TeamCity is able to using the same VCS root checkout other projects without submodules just fine (so im happy credentails/proxy issues are not the issue).

the error returned is:

Failed to build patch for build #19 {build id=209, buildTypeId=CI_BC_123},
VCS root: "BitBucket VCS" {instance id=192, parent internal id=11, parent id=BITBUCKET_VCS, description: ""}, due to error: 'build patch' command failed.

stderr: Cannot fetch the '' repository used as a submodule at the 'repo/SharedAssets' path in the '' repository in the ba90b0c96170b1abf5af2322069662c7b541d908 commit

and the submodules as follows

[submodule "repo/SharedAssets"]
      path =repo/SharedAssets
      url = ../sharedAsssetsRepo.git
[submodule "repoB"]
      path = resouceB
      url = ../resourceB.git

TC v 9.0.4 (build 32407) using server checkout

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I've confirmed that git clone --recursive from powershell pulls down the repo and submodules correctly.

trying to work around the issue by checking out from the agents however they dont appear to be configured to use the proxy server correctly, i cant seem to find any infomation on configuring the agents someone care to point me in the correct direction? The reason i suspect this is it is failing with the error stderr: fatal: unable to access ' <<repo>> ': Failed to connect to port 443: Timed out

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Hi Tim,

We have the related issue, that was fixed in 9.0.5. Please upgrade to the latest version (9.1 as of now) and check if the issue is actual.

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Running 9.1.1 (build 37059) and have encountered this error but with GitHub.

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Hi Mike,

If the issue is reproduced please attach teamcity-vcs.log and screenshot of your git VCS root settings as comment to the issue.


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