Build Parameters from Gradle

We have a build configuration where step 1 is a build, when it succeeds build configuration 2 is a push to s3.   The push to s3 requires a information about the version of the build to push to the right location.  This Build Parameter use to be pulled from Maven.  We switched to gradle and have no Idea how to get the version information that is in the build.gradle file.

To be clear the project we are build has a specific version defined in the build file.   That version is what we woudl like to initialize a build configuration parameter for the S3 push.

I find lots of information on passing env vars, or values to builds... that is not what we need.   We need to pull the version information out of the build configuration.

Any help on this?   We would greatly appreciate it!!

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Hi Ken,

You can read needed parameters from the build file inside your build script and update TeamCity build parameters using service messages.


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