How to 'accept' the new artifact size after an artifact size failure condition, so it stops failing and checks against the new size. [edit]

My artifact size failure condition has flagged a build, as expected. However, I've now confirmed that the new size is acceptable and want to 'reset' it.  The only way I could find was to disable the condition, run a build, and then enable the condition. Is there an easier way?  If I understand 'muting', that would simply cause the failure to be ignored until I unmuted it, which is not what I want.


P.S. I just edited it as I left a half written subject line.

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Hi, you can mark this build as successfull with reason "Artifacts size is okay, actually". This build becomes successfull and all further builds will start to use this value.

Say, it fails build, if artifact size is, for instance, 10k different than the value from last successfull build. The new build is 2Mb less than previous one. You mark is as successfull and all further builds will be compared to this new value.

Alternatively, you can tag a certain build as an standard build (doesn't need to be successfully) and all other builds will compare its artifacts size to this value. Don't forget to pin the tagged build, otherwise it can cleaned up later.


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