How to specify multiple (simultaneous) agents for a job to run on ?

Good day everyone. I would like to be able to specify that a job, when triggered, should start on agent x AND agent y at the same time. This job is normally triggered by a VCS trigger, with a quiet period.

I saw that a Schedule Trigger has an option to run a job on all compatible agents. I would like to be able to specify the agent name(s) that the job should run on, rather than having the job run on all compatible agents. Is this possible ?

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Hi, first of all, please note that it's not possible to guarantee that two jobs will run at the same time. They can only be scheduled (put to queue) simultaneously and be scheduled to run on certain agent(s)

There are several ways to do what you want, but basically they all involve snapshot dependencies and agent requirements. For example, you define a certain parameter on agent X and agent Y and require build to be run on agent containing that parameter. Snapshot dependencies will help you to run the same build twice, but you'll need two build configurations.

If you explain more in details, I can offer you with a solution that would fit you better.


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