Time based trigger.


I'm looking for a time based trigger for teamcity builds.

My build kicks off a 9:00 AM on 9-3-15.  It runs through and completes with no problems.  However, I want a build step that kicks off 2 weeks later related to the same build.  TC builds an AWS environment when it builds.  I would like an automated teardown.   Is there a way to do this other than adding another build step with sleeping for 2 weeks?

I'm running Teamcity 9.0.3


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Hi Magnus,

There is no such functionality in TeamCity. Probably you can specify TTL of the AWS environment and it will be terminated automatically not using TeamCity (https://blogs.aws.amazon.com/application-management/post/Tx2MMLQMSTZYNMJ/Scheduling-Automatic-Deletion-of-Application-Environments).

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Another possible solution is to create AWS machines with tags and save the start time in the tags. On TeamCity you can start the build (for example hourly or daily) that checks all running machines and deletes outdated ones based on tags.


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