Trouble understanding core concept of deployment (.NET environment)

Hi all,

Been using TeamCity for a few months now but I feel like we're not using it exactly correctly.

We have a .NET project which is pulled from Git to a working directory. It's built using the TeamCity Visual Studio compiler and then all the files are copied using xcopy to the webserver root.

I think it's that last part that isn't right. The main issue we run into is it never deletes files that have been deleted from source control. I can't clean the webserver root either because then we'd lose things like binaries which aren't part of the source control.

I'm sure I'm missing some fundamentals here -- anyone able to enlighten me?


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Hi Jon,

Instead of coping all files you should write a build script that deploys only needed ones to webserver. Please see how deployment can be configured using TeamCity in this section in documentation. TeamCity can automate deployment, but not implement deployment logic.


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