Cannot start build runner: Invalid value of runner parameter: nuget.use.restore

I am attempting to migrate a build currently performed by CruiseControl.Net to TeamCity (V9.1.1 Build 37059), but I'm running into some problems with the NuGet restore step.

Within TeamCity, I added a NuGet Installer step, selected the current default version of NuGet (2.8.6), the appropriate solution file and "Restore" mode. I provided no additional parameters that varied from the default (i.e. the package source will be, etc.).

When attempting to run the build, I receive the error "Cannot start build runner: Invalid value of runner parameter: nuget.use.restore".

I can manually run the command that I would expect to be triggered by this build step ("nuget restore MySolutionFile.sln") without errors.

Any thoughts about what I did wrong / failed to configure?


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Hi Richard,

This is because the NuGet version has not been configured for the build agents. To do that, go to Administration > NuGet > NuGet.exe tab and click on “Fetch NuGet” version. Choose the latest version for NuGet, and Check the “Set as Default” option and click “Add”.
This will install NuGet to all build agents. After that please go to NuGet build step and click save there.
Here is the related issue in our tracker, please vote.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  


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