TeamCity 9.1 REST API: List all available builds

By default, REST request to list builds via "/app/rest/builds?locator=..." only shows last 100 found builds.
Previously, in TeamCity 9.0, I could add ",count:-1" to the request, which would make the response to contain all available builds.
Now, after update to 9.1, "count:-1" no longer works.

Is there a similar way to list all builds in TeamCity 9.1?

Additionally, I would like to know if it is possible to see a complete changelog for REST API somewhere.
Some changes for REST API are announced, but lost of them are hidden, like this one.

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Hi Artem,

Please use "count:10000". If you really need to get more than 10000 items it does make sense to use paging.
REST API is an open-source plugin, so you can track all the changes.


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