Cannot change "Deployment Provider url" with msbuild

I'm trying to publish a click once installation for a legacy application build in visual studio 2008.
I'm passing the following parameters as Command line parameters:

/p:Configuration=Debug /p:PublishDir="UNCPATH" /p:PublishUrl="UNCPATH" /property:InstallUrl="UNCPATH" /property:UpdateUrl="UNCPATH" /property:PublishURL="UNCPATH" /property:deploymentProvider="UNCPATH"

When I try to install the application I still get an error and notice that the The "Deployment Provider url" is still the one being used in the project file (debug).

Anyone knows how to change this url?

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Hello Wilmaro,

What is the result if you run the same build via command line using MSBuild.exe? Please run build on the same machine as TeamCity agent running, in the same working folder and under the same user. Is "Deployment Provider url" set correctly?
Please find more details how to troubleshoot such issues in the documentation:


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