How to generate project reports on Teamcity ?


I have recently configured a project on Teamcity. As of now, the project is building successfully.

I want to generate a basic project report/statistc report to be displayed about the project on the Teamcity UI.

How do I make this happen ? :(

Any suggestions :)

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Hi Najma,

There are two options:
1. If your runner generates HTML report you can publish it as TeamCity artifact and configure Report tab to make the report available as an extra tab on the build or project level.
2. Another approach is to use Custom Charts. If the predefined build metrics do not cover your needs, you can report custom metrics to TeamCity from your build script using sevice messages and use them to create a custom chart.

Also you can use XML Report processing build feature that allows using report files produced by an external tool in TeamCity. TeamCity will parse the specified files on the disk and report the results as the build results.

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Hi Alina,

Thank you for your reply.

I did confirgure the project report tab. But its not displaying anything in the Teamcity UI under the particular project.

Am I doing the configuration wrong or is there another way to do this ?


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What TemCity version do you use? Did you configure the build script to produce the HTML report and configure build artifacts to publish the report as the build artifact to the server?
Please attach screenshots of your settings.


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