How to include the previous artifact zip file from a previous build when chaining?

I have setup two build configs with the second one having an artifact dependency on the first.
The dependency is a zip file that the config extract when building.

Now, I want to have this artifact zip file included in the second config artifacts.
I know I could rezip the same files but it takes a long time to zip them.

How do I specify it?

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Hi Stecy,

If I understand you correctly you are asking about this feature request: Please vote for it.
Currently you can create build step that adds files to zip archive, for example see
If is's not what you want, then please provide some more detail about what you had in mind.

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No, that's not it.

In chained builds, one config produces artifacts that are put inside a zip file.
The other config, next on the chain, have an artifact dependency on the first config and the artifacts rules are setup as to decompress those files so as to have them in the second config.

That is fine and works as expected.
However, if I would like to produce artifacts for the second config I could add artifact paths from the general settings page but I can't reference the downloaded artifact zip file from there.

Basically, I want to transport a zipped artifacts file (unchanged) between configs.

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If you want to use unzip files in the second build configuration and aslo to have archived artifacts you can have artifact dependency for an archive without unpacking and do the unpacking as the first step of the build.
Also you can configure the following Artifacts rules in artifact dependency:!**


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